IEYC is an international curriculum, which provides professional education to more than 15,000 teachers in 98 countries around the world.
IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) uses well-established game-based practices and approaches that cover all areas of the curriculum, including personal, social and emotional development. Our children communicate through arithmetic, writing, play or art and a new, colourful and exciting world is revealed to them every day. Children learn through playing and, more importantly, in playing they learn how to learn.
Jolly Phonics – an educational system, which was globally recognized as one of the most effective in teaching children in English. 42 sounds are studied grouped into sound blocks, which children use to decode the English language. When they read a word, they recognize the letters and mix the corresponding sounds. When they write a word, they identify the sounds and record the corresponding letters. These skills are called mixing and segmentation.
"I will be a student" / "I'm in kindergarten" – the curriculum system of the Bulgarian publishing house "Izkustva", which KidsVille uses, in order to meet the requirements for obtaining a certificate for mandatory Bulgarian pre-school education, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Children have learning situations in several educational areas: Bulgarian; English; Mathematics; Environment; Art; Physical Training; Music; Construction and Technology.
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Extracurricular activities
We in KidsVille believe that every child has a talent in some area of human knowledge. Participating in various activities during childhood is particularly important, so we also offer different extracurricular clubs.