IEYC is an international curriculum, which provides professional education to more than 15,000 teachers in 98 countries around the world.
Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays
F. Schiller

It follows a multifaceted approach, which captures and utilizes the playful structure of the human ability to understand, organize and master the world. The program recognizes that man is always essentialy and in the first place homo ludens (playing man) and for this reason, it is able to channel children's potent ludic impulse in a series of thematic and fun activities. By building the learning process around a child's natural predispositions, inclinations and interests, IEYC manages to move smoothly through the diverse subjects that make up each complete and comprehensively tailored educational plan. In other words, the act of play reconciles the differences between natural sciences and the humanities and provides the teacher with the necessary pedagogical tools to accommodate the personal needs of each child to the needs of the group as a whole. This holistic approach lies at the center of the IEYC and allows children to gradually, seamlessly and, most importantly, joyously accumulate knowledge while building personal and social skills. However, in order to have a more structured play-based curriculum, the program focuses on four key points that monitor the favorable development of each child: independence and interconnectedness; communicating; enquiring; healthy living and physical well-being. By setting goals and horizons for personal development which each child can pursue, the program guarantees a high level of consistency, which goes hand in hand with the freer and more dynamic nature of play. This balance ensures that once they go through the IEYC program and methodology, children will go through their most formative years with the confidence that they are well-educated, socialized and independent individuals, who are on their way to becoming experts at the game of life.
Jolly Phonics – an educational system, which was globally recognized as one of the most effective in teaching children in English. 42 sounds are studied grouped into sound blocks, which children use to decode the English language. When they read a word, they recognize the letters and mix the corresponding sounds. When they write a word, they identify the sounds and record the corresponding letters. These skills are called mixing and segmentation.
"I will be a student" / "I'm in kindergarten" – the curriculum system of the Bulgarian publishing house "Izkustva", which KidsVille uses, in order to meet the requirements for obtaining a certificate for mandatory Bulgarian pre-school education, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Children have learning situations in several educational areas: Bulgarian; English; Mathematics; Environment; Art; Physical Training; Music; Construction and Technology.
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Extracurricular activities
We in KidsVille believe that every child has a talent in some area of human knowledge. Participating in various activities during childhood is particularly important, so we also offer different extracurricular clubs.