Enrolment procedure
Parents submit a registration form - Application.
A meeting at the KidsVille grounds and introducing the family to the Director and the psychologist of the kindergarten.
The child meets a group of children from the kindergarten and spends 1.5 hours with them. During this period, the child is under the care and supervision of the experienced staff of the kindergarten.
Education agreement - Signed between KidsVille and the parent / legal guardian of the child. The child registers as a new student for the respective group and the academic year.
Bank transfer / cash receipt for remittance of the administrative fee.
Prior to the child being actually admitted to the kindergarten, parents must provide mandatory medical records and test:
• immunisation calendar;
• health prophylactic card completed by a General Practitioner;
• a single negative test for pathogenic intestinal bacteria and intestinal parasites carried out not earlier than 15 days before the child's admission to the kindergarten;
• a medical document from a General Practitioner indicating lack of contact with infectious patients, issued not earlier than 3 days before the child's admission to the kindergarten.