Our team

Our caring staff members are a team of highly experienced and qualified early childhood professionals. Considering their qualifications and teaching experience, the teachers at Kidsville are carefully selected for their genuine warmth and passion, innovation, motivation and quality teaching practices.

In order to meet the needs of the individual child, the KidsVille team are knowledgeable about human development and the early childhood curriculum, skilled at implementing it, thoughtful about what they do, aware of their roles as models for learning and willing to be flexible.

The teachers are dedicated to learning, both in their own personal and professional development and in gaining knowledge about each individual child. They are trained to meet the educational needs of each child lovingly and develop their strengths and interests, knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.

Kidsville supports the staff by helping in professional development and supporting the continuous training, which allows them to gain further knowledge and experience and higher Early Childhood qualifications. All teachers hold current first aid certificates.

We would be more than happy to visit us and meet our team.