Why to choose Kidsville

Learning space for creative thinkers

At KidsVille we want children to love to learn and teach them more than just numbers and letters. A passion for learning is quite different from just studying to earn a grade. Our well-trained staff develops a love of learning at an early age and the process continues throughout their lives, and generally they are more successful, curious and happier than those who don’t. We are proud to say that children who attend KidsVille are accepted into the top selective schools in Bulgaria and abroad.

KidsVille is a magical journey in the best education

KidsVille is certified by the Ministry of Education and Science and has permission to educate children between the ages of 10 months-7 years.

Our mission is to develop the imagination and create memorable moments that honor childhood. At KidsVille learning is serious fun. At our nursery&kindergarten children are active learners and disciplined, creative thinkers. They learn to work hard, make good choices and be happy. We are proud to say that children who attend KidsVille are accepted into the top selective schools in Bulgaria and abroad.

Discover what it is that makes KidsVille so special place

Clean air near to the park Vitosha

English-speaking educational environment

Modern settings

Licensed by the Ministry of Education and accredited by IEYC

Security and  24/7 internal and external video surveillance

Innovative educational international programs

Healthy and tasty cuisine

Medical care

Wide range of sports and extracurricular activities in the kindergarten.

Daily feedback about your child  ( photos, video, posts)

Highly educated staff

Valya Krusteva

As a mother of three children I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the KidsVille’s family. There is something very special about KidsVille – both of our locations provide an environment where children can explore and learn through play. Please feel free to contact me personally, should you have any questions, or better still arrange to visit any of our settings in person.

Valya Krusteva / Founder of KidsVille

Highly experienced and qualified early childhood professionals

Considering their qualifications and teaching experience, the teachers at Kidsville are carefully selected for their genuine warmth and passion, innovation, motivation and quality teaching practices.

Learning allow us to make sense of the world around us, the world inside of us, and where we fit within the world