Extracurricular activities

We in KidsVille believe that every child has a talent in some area of human knowledge. Participating in various activities during childhood is particularly important, so we also offer different extracurricular clubs.


Children will have music lessons twice a week with Mrs. Petya Tosheva. She has studied to become a music teacher at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Active movement with Takeshy Fujimori

Active movement affects the physical, mental, neurological and emotional development of the child.


Our salt water pool offers great opportunity for swimming lessons for our children.

Arts and Crafts club

When kids engage in an art project, even from an early age, they explore size and shapes. Kids begin evaluating and comparing objects, strengthening early math skills.

Taekwondo Club

The purpose of taekwondo is to increase the physical abilities of children, to improve their mental discipline and emotional balance.

Science Class

DNA’s interactive science class stimulates children’s innate curiosity and sense of adventure, fosters imagination.

Salt Room

KidsVille is the first private kindergarten in Bulgaria with its own salt room!


Introducing children to the basic rules and techniques by which they will be able to practice the game of football.

Ballet/Dance lessons

Ballet and dance lessons provide an excellent load on the heart and blood vessels, muscles and joints of the body by training and strengthening them.

Sensory Room 

Equipped with things such as mats, cushions, lights and toys, the stimulating learning environment of a sensory room may offer an opportunity for each child to thrive.